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Covering the needs of many brands on the Zambian roads
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Welcome To Imperial Parts Limited Zambia 

car partsImperial Parts Company is a Zambian established Automotive Parts and Accessories company that deals with the needs of the Zambian motorist and fleet owners.

Imperial Parts Company Limited provides a wide range of automotive spare parts, accessories and quality customer service to wholesale, retail, fleet, NGO, Corporate and Government clients.

Our international suppliers offer amongst the most competitive prices, which we in turn extend to our customers. The result is parts of exceptional quality that are fairly priced and offer longevity to the Zambian motorists’ investment.

As a multi brand automotive parts distributor, Imperial Parts Company covers the needs of the different brands of vehicle on the Zambian roads and offers automotive solutions that cater for a broad spectrum of vehicle needs.

Our experience and understanding of the Zambian Automotive Market coupled with our association to the leading distributor of automotive parts in Southern Africa, ensures that Imperial Parts Company Limited is able to supply the best parts from trusted suppliers to a dynamic Automotive Market.